Thursday, August 18, 2016

Taking home the gold

While millions are in Rio watching world records be broken and the most amazing athletes from over 200 countries complete impossible feats, we attended our own Guatemalan Special Olympics this week.  You may remember when I posted on the special olympics a few months ago.  Well, that was practice for the real thing.

Last Tuesday we were up at 4:30 in the morning to load the bus with everyone in the special needs house and then some.  After a false start we drove for 2 and a half hours, just in time to enter the stadium to a marching band announcing the start of the Olympics.  Kids and adults from all over Guatemala were there with brightly colored jerseys and work out suits.  The kids' ability ranged from rolling their wheelchairs for a 25 yard dash all the way to running a 5K.  The competitors were serious and the day was awesome.

We also had a delicious lunch and snacks provided.  People walked around selling ice cream, cotton candy and donuts.  Our kids were awesome, taking home several gold, silver and bronze medals.  The best thing of course were their smiles and the pride with which they told everyone about their accomplishments after we arrived back home.  A special, awesome day!!

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