Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flowers for Mary

Survived another week at NPH!  Can't believe it's already the end of September!  While everyone at home is enjoying the changing of the leaves and the cooling of the temperature, we continue on with our rainy weather and ever green plants.  Definite plus: constantly blooming roses!

We made our second trip into town and bought roses again for Our Lady in the Church this past weekend.  My kids loved it the first time and kept asking for a repeat.  I think it will be a monthly thing.

Had a proyecto with a family of seven last night.  We gathered up the troops then made our way with pizza, chocolate cake and a movie to the library.  In what turned out to be a comedy of errors, the movie was in English, the electricity went out, and we ran overtime...returning the kids late to their houses.  BUT it was fun and kids LOVED it!  And the computer had enough juice to show the entire (back-up, in-spanish) movie!  And as I've said before, proyecto is one of my absolute favoritist things we do here in NPH!

Not much else to report...I think we're onto repeat things.  We had another Visitor Day last Sunday (obligatorio work day but laid back and fun).  I'm on day nine of twelve working days in a row.  Haven't died yet.  Electricity came back on this morning.  God is good.

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