Thursday, September 15, 2016

Independencia and Marching Bands

We have been listening to the marching band practice for months now.  It probably has improved their playing exponentially because they practice every day all afternoon.  I think the pounding of the drums kind of erased how cool marching bands are until this past week when we had both a marching band competition here at NPH and then a big parade where we all marched behind the instruments in a local town.

The formations the bands make while marching around the field was pretty epic and their music was fun and upbeat, switching out from heavy booming to lyrical saxophone medleys.  

Today, September 15th, is the actual day of Independence in Guatemala.  I can hear marching bands (not ours), cheering, honking and fireworks from the local village.  Did I mention that they started their celebration at 4am this morning?

Off for the weekend.  Today is a lovely free day for all non-essential employees (I qualify today!).  Packing for a quick trip to Rio Dulce (about 7 hours away) with fellow volunteers.  Can't wait!

*Photos courtesy of Katie!

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