Monday, September 5, 2016

Staying in Guatemala

So I'm not staying here but people have started to ask me if I want to.  How do you say in the nicest way possible that I love you and I love your country but I want to go home?  I am so glad I came and I am so happy I have four more months to live here...but when I'm done?  Well, I think I'll be done.

My mom went home last Thursday.  We had such a delightful time.  After the City and Antigua, we went to the beach for two days.  Basically we got wet, dried off, got wet, dried off and drank liquados in between.  So fun and relaxing!!

Back to work today.  My boss let me know that we have to give boosters to every kid so I've spent the day going through records, creating a spreadsheet and calculating how many vaccines we need to buy.  I can't wait to give 200 kids their shots.  Just kidding.  Ob.  :o)

So I'm working two weeks straight and then heading on another short excursion!  We aren't allowed to use our vacation days the first six months which means that in the last six months I get to use all four weeks!  I am so excited to travel.

Oh, and my mom and I were able to take my kids into town to buy Our Lady flowers.  They loved it, we loved it and I know Our Lady loved it!



  1. I understand how hard it must be to leave, but we will enjoy hearing of your adventures in person this winter!