Friday, October 21, 2016

Baby House y lavado de manos

Another one of my jobs at NPH is putting together health presentations for the kids.  When I first arrived in Guatemala I made several powerpoint slide shows.  I was never given an audience (which was fine, Spanish being my weakness) until this past week. 

I was asked to present a handwashing program for the kids.  Thankfully this is one of the presentations I already had on hand.  And I quickly recruited another clinic worker to help me with the talking part!

Since this week is the second week of vacation, the kids are still enjoying their new found freedom.  We had a very attentive audience and a lot of fun!

As you can see, it was super cute.  When we asked the kids why they should wash their hands, they told us all about bacteria and getting sick.  We asked what happens when one kid in the house gets sick and they answered, "We all get sick!"  This is true.  I can attest to it.

This isn't to say the kids don't wash their hands or know how.  They do!  But it is always good to review and especially reinforce with the littles!

After the powerpoint, the kids colored pictures highlighting the times we should wash our hands.  While they were at work, I took two or three of them at a time to the sinks and they demonstrated how to wash their hands, singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" in Spanish or counting to 20 while they scrubbed.

They were little superstars and when they had finished drying their hands, we gave them lollipops.  Three of them gave me their finished works of art as a gift and I left with a huge smile on my face.  Definitely one of the perks of my job!

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