Tuesday, October 25, 2016


If someone had told me last year that I would be COLD in Guatemala...I never would have believed it!  But here in the mountains, the temperature dips!  Last night I had 4 blankets on my bed and this morning I was shivering as I got ready to go running.  The funny thing is that even though it gets "that cold" we don't have a source of heat.  No heat in the house or fireplaces or anything like that.  I'm assuming this will be short-lived...and it's not like we have snow or things are freezing!  It's just cold!

Things have slowed down considerably here at NPH.  The kids are on school break, similar to the summer break we have in the states, and we have less scheduled activities and more time for fun.  One thing that we are all involved in and are scheduled to participate in is the House Anniversary coming up in November.  They divided everyone up into teams...and I mean EVERYONE from baby house to top administrators.  We are all competing against each other in different categories.  These range from creating a flag and a cheer to being assigned a particular sport to choreographing a dance. We even picked a mascot!

These practices are three times a week and we get out of work for two hours to participate in them.  Not a thing where we live: pay people for 20 hours of party planning.  Cultural differences!

It's an interesting experience as some groups are very well organized with team leaders who have vision, while others can't seem to get anything done.  The house party will be interesting!  I'm lucky I suppose since my group is pretty with it.  We've made a lot of progress in the week we've been working together.

We lost a volunteer this week (clarification: he went home, he didn't die).  Someone asked me if that affected the morale of the group but we are so close to the end that it honestly just felt like he left a little early.  My life in Guatemala can be summed up in one line: always expect the unexpected.  And also maybe expect that what you expect isn't going to happen.  My friend came into town this past weekend and unfortunately had her wallet stolen on the chicken bus.  A co-worker had his phone stolen.  Just one of those weeks!  I'm hiking this coming weekend to the highest point in Central America.  Hope to have some beautiful photos for you all!

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