Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Madre Teresa and the Czech Republic

On Sunday I went to a beautiful but very random concert.  It was by a group of women from the Czech Republic who sang the prayers of an Indian Man who wrote poems in honor of Mother Teresa (whom he knew for twenty years).  

They also played musical instruments, dressed in saris and sang with voices like angels.  I have no idea how they ended up here in Guatemala.  Glad they did!

The concert was free and in a little chapel built on a hill overlooking Antigua.

My friend and I were the only non-chapinas there.

The chapel is in a little park full of modern art.

And a restaurant resides there as well with an herb garden, fountains and a zip line.

This information was probably better left unsaid.

The fountain, a combination of a fork and spoon with pasta (I think!).

Quite lovely and eclectic.  Glad I went!

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