Monday, October 17, 2016

The Generosity of Love

Something happened while we were in Panama that I want to draw attention to.  The last night, before our going-away dinner, two lovely women called and asked my friend and I to stop by their room on our way down.  We debated what they could want the entire way, stretching from drinking shots to somehow being in trouble.  

I was totally unprepared for what they actually had in mind: out of the generosity of their hearts they wanted to present me with two sizable checks for my kids.  They said they had been touched by hearing about them and seeing their pictures (yeah, I'm like a grandma, pulling out their photos and showing them to random strangers).  

Their generosity brought tears to my eyes and completely rounded out the perfect vacation.  It also is an example of the many beautiful people who have supported me in this venture.  From my work friends who raised $600 in less than 24 hours to my close friends and family who have sent me packages, letters, emails and called, skyped and listened to me text-vent...everyone has been so generous!

I plan to use the money to buy my kids Christmas presents and hopefully take them to the theater for a "real" movie around Christmas time.  I'm super blessed to be here and even more to see how everyone comes together to give to these kids.  Beach trip is in the works.  We found a house and have permission to go.  We just need confirmation on the house and we'll start booking the bus and planning meals.  I can't wait!

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