Monday, November 21, 2016

Helping Hands comes to Guatemala

The medical team that I normally work with came to Guatemala this past week!  This group, called Helping Hands Medical Missions, goes all over the world setting up medical clinics, dental clinics and sometimes performing surgical procedures.  The teams consist mostly of people from the US and the clinics last for approximately 10 days.  I have been going to one or two Helping Hands missions every year since 2005.  Ironically, my first medical mission with them was to Guatemala.  Little did I know then that I would be living here some day!

I joined up with the group for one day on Sunday, for a small retreat, and again on Friday where I drove with them to an outlying pueblo and helped them see patients for half the day.  It was so neat to see old friends, work as a nurse practitioner, and, miracle of miracles, see patients without a translator!

Afterwards they invited me to their going away party, held at a local couple's house in Antigua.  The food was delicious, their home lovely and the camaraderie amazing.  I am always amazed how the threads of life intertwine.  It was so lovely to have my helping hands life intercept my NPH life for a couple hours!  God has brought an AMAZING amount of truly beautiful people across my path!

Leaving tomorrow for my despedida with my kids.  Successfully vaccinated 110 niños this past week.  I'm ready for a break and going to the beach with my kids sounds like just the thing!

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