Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Transitioning from Thanksgiving to Advent

So after a VERY busy week, including working ALL the time (well it felt like it), I was treated...along with the other volunteers....to an AMAZING thanksgiving dinner by an American couple living here (okay, it's our director and his lovely wife).  They went ALL OUT and I mean all out, importing canned pumpkin, dried onions and cranberry sauce (and when I say importing, they had a family member bring it to them early this year).  Our crowd consisted of Americans and Europeans, most of whom had never experienced a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings (one of my friends had never eaten turkey before)!

We didn't find tree stands.

Saturday we got our Advent hat on and set up the trees...we dug out a box labeled "Navidad" and found all kinds of treasures!  Thank you former volunteers and people who have gone before!  We now have two lit up fake trees, an advent wreath and a mini-gold tree.  Definitely in the Christmas spirit!

Tree required an ace bandage to hold it together.

Down on the ranch though, things are sad.  Many of the kids have headed home for the month and some will now be able to stay home...so we won't be welcoming them back in January.  The clinic lost a nurse this week and I'm taking over her rotating 24 hour shift...this is fine since it means more time to spend with my kids on my days off!  LOVE those guys!

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