Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Cookies and Glob

I decided to make Christmas cookies with my kids this week so we could pass out plates to all the other houses as Christmas presents.  What I didn't plan was for my frosting to turn out bipolar: one bowl of a perfect avocado-colored (don't ask) butter frosting and the other a bowl of pink glop (that was the frosting I made without butter because I realized I only had half of what I needed the day I needed it...and it's not like I could just duck out to the store for a time I'm going to steal someone else's know, if they have some).

The day before I made the frosting, some of my fellow volunteers came over (bringing cookie cutters, sprinkles, and a rolling pin that was delivered from the US of A) and what started as a simple cookie-baking activity quickly consumed almost my entire day.  The stove is TINY and we only had one real baking sheet...which unfortunately didn't fit into the stove like one would expect...leaving the cooking process slow and, well, really slow.

They did turn out really yummy!  Just a little soft...but every time one broke I reassured my fellow cooking elves that it was okay because that meant we had that many more cookies to give away.  Not sure if they bought it.  But they did believe me when I explained that a broken cookie doesn't have any calories: they all fall out when it breaks.

The actually "making cookies with my kids" thing was today.  This involved decorating and a lot of sugar.  The two who could actually spread the frosting went to town while my friend and I smeared the (avocado-colored butter cream) frosting (because the pink glaze was just too globby) and helped guide eager hands with the sprinkle shakers.

yes I know that looks dark green...until you stir it in...

We made I don't know how many cookies but managed to fill a plate with enough cookies for each person in the girls, boys and baby houses.  We also brought a plate to the padre and the special education director, per the kids request (okay, I asked if they wanted to and they said yes).  

Okay yes, we used some pink glob...but only after we ran out of avocado butter cream.

The kids LOVED it!  I mean, they liked decorating and eating, but they LOVED visiting everyone and telling them they had made them cookies.  It was like Christmas only in reverse...I seriously believe they were happier giving than they would have ever been if someone had brought us the cookies.

Afterwards we sat down to watch Frosty the Snowman in Spanish.  The kids were not excited about Frosty, but Abracadabra the rabbit?  He has a new fan club of 11 Guatemalan kids, all pointing and yelling "Mira!" whenever he came on the screen.  I'm still smiling as I remember.  :o)  

Buenas noches!

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