Friday, January 13, 2017

Last day reflections

Sipping my coffee after unintentionally rising before the sun.  I head into my last shift at the clinic in an hour but my day should be pretty laid-back and yet go by super-fast.  I have two hours to finish orienting our new nurse before the clinic takes all of us out for brunch to celebrate my leaving and her coming.  Then we have our big song and dance this afternoon followed by dinner out in Antigua with all the volunteers, old and new.  Then tomorrow at 4am I head out to catch my bus to Honduras with my friend.

In the calm before the storm, I was reading over my blogs for this past year and realized how glad I am to have this picture journal of memories!  It's been a year since I wrote about my very first impressions of Guatemala and NPH in a blog entitled What you make of it.  It's so funny to see how much my perceptions have changed.  Linking then to now...well it's been a challenging yet amazingly beautiful year and I think it will be months before I really get a handle on it.

Yesterday was my last time going to my section: feeding them dinner, washing their dishes and then settling them into bed.  We've created so many habits together over the past year without realizing it: LL hiding under his blankets when I went to tuck him into bed, pretending he's not there but then throwing the covers off his face when I pretend I can't give him a goodnight kiss because he's not there.  Em yelling as I come in the room, running to jump in his bed because it's our tradition for me to get his blankets out of the locker and cover him up but he's not ready yet.  Al hugging me around the neck so tightly I can't move and then not letting go until I kiss his cheek and say I love him.  Yeah making the rounds for the last time pretty much brought me to tears.  

It's the small things, the daily routine type items that I want to remember.  Laughing today.  I can cry tomorrow.

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