Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Old volunteers 2016

 The new volunteers have arrived!  It's like we're really going home!  And we are really going home: in four days: how crazy is that!  Well, leaving...I'm headed out to see a friend in Honduras (plan: not die) and then hitting up Nicaragua with a fellow volunteer before meeting up with some other friends in Costa Rica.  Que loca la vida!

I just finished what is purportedly my last 24 hour shift...but I'm holding out for them to ask me for one more...just can't quite believe I'm really (really) done.

Last night in a hospital bed from the 80's

Last night was SO COLD...down to the low 40's.  I know you people in snow-covered lands aren't impressed but you probably, most likely, have heat in your houses.  We have hats, scarves, sweatshirts, blankets and more blankets.  We literally walk around wrapped in our blankets.

On a sad note there was a local tragedy on Saturday night.  Six people died on Acotenango Volcano, the volcano we hiked last April, after a freak rainstorm and freezing temperatures.

We're gearing up for our final song and dance...literally.  We're putting together a small show for the kids.  Tomorrow I have a going away breakfast hosted by my kids.  Friday night is our big dinner out in Antigua.  And then Saturday...dum-dum-duuuum...nos vamos.  Wow!

I imagine I'll have a few reflective blogs in the next several months before I close out this part of my blog.  It's been an awesome adventure this past year...I've learned and overcome a lot to be happy here...but happy I definitely am.  So glad I came.  God is good!

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