Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sponsoring a child at NPH

A week from today I am leaving Guatemala and NPH.  Bittersweet, to say the least.  I've spent the last few days mostly with my kids and then yesterday I worked what I thought was my last 24 hour shift...but true to Guatemalan planning I'll also be covering turno on Monday.  Oh well!

What I really want to write about is sponsoring a child at NPH...which is what I signed up for this week.  As is common in many latino countries, people have godparents for more than just their baptism.  Confirmations, weddings, all kinds of things introduce new godparents to the family.  In becoming a sponsor at NPH you are considered that child's godparent: which is what they call you.  Most kids have multiple godparents...some in the double digits...because as delightful as it is to think $30 will support a kid for a month it takes that several times over to feed, clothe, educate and provide health care for the kids.

Gonna miss these views as I deliver meds in the morning!

I chose two girls from my special needs house who only have one or two godparents.  I took them out to lunch this week to tell them (just the three of us in the only restaurant we have in town :0) and then gave them a rosary and miraculous medal.  They lit up like Christmas trees and one of them couldn't stop hugging me...and still can't. :o)

My goddaughters are both going to live at NPH long-term as they could never care for themselves independently.  They are also cognizant and verbal enough that they can appreciate our relationship and remember me when I come back.  For purely human reasons, that is important to me.  :o)

My time is really winding down.  It took a year to feel like I belong here and now I'm leaving.  Wow! How quickly this year went!  I'm so very, very blessed to have had this experience.  So grateful to know and love these kids (all of them!!).

Soooooo if you are interested in sponsoring a kid, it's pretty simple.  Thirty dollars a month and they send you a welcome packet with a picture and information about your kid.  Then you have the opportunity to communicate with them (NPH translates your letter and vice versa) and you are welcome to visit, if you would like.  You really will be someone important to your godchild.  The kids here go on and on about their godparents...when they write, send something and especially if they are coming to visit!

Here's the link and if you have any questions, please contact me!

Sponsor a child at NPH

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