Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome home

Snow, snow, snow!  It won't be long before we'll all be there with snow!

Little old snowflakes, pumpkin pie...

After two weeks of visiting Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Florida and Georgia (yes that was a lot of moving and shaking:) I'm home!!  I plan to write about each place I visited but thought I'd pop in to say: I'm alive!

I officially closed my Facebook page for this blog but I plan to keep writing.  So far a few culture shock things have happened but for the most part I'm doing well.  I still look around for the trash can every time I use the toilet...it's hard to make myself throw the paper into the toilet itself.  

A week ago I had a small meltdown after being upgraded to the penthouse suite in a hotel in Costa Rica.  The luxury did me in for whatever reason.  Yesterday at the grocery store I stood in the cooking oil aisle for about five minutes, slightly overwhelmed.  In Guatemala we have two options: corn or olive oil.  Then you pick by size: big, bigger or biggest.  A nice lady stopped and asked if I needed help picking out oil.  She told me about all the research she has done and after a friendly conversation I walked away with odorless, liquid, refined coconut oil.  It tastes good.

Snow came today.  It started with my water bottle freezing overnight in my car and ended with a white world.  The nieve started coming down while I was out driving and I stared at it for a moment, trying to remember if we drive in that stuff here in Connecticut.  We do.

I certainly am happy to be back with my family.  I feel so loved and I love them so much!  But I MISS my kids at NPH!!  

People keep asking me my plans.  I don't have them.  Not really.  I'll figure it out later...right now I'm just happy to be home and taking it a day at a time.  Work starts Friday.  I guess this past year is really over.

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