Wednesday, February 15, 2017

5000 footers in Ometepe, Nicaragua

Early start!

Ometepe is an island in the middle of a huge lake in Nicaragua that is famous because it has not one, but two volcanoes.  The larger one, Concepcion, was my goal for a very quick stopover.  Over 5000 feet, it reportedly has the best view of all of Nicaragua.  You know.  When the clouds blow over.

I was super blessed to meet up with two friendly and enthusiastic hikers from Holland my first evening on the island.  They quickly latched onto my plans to hike the volcano and signed up with the same guide for the following day.

Since I didn't have a backpack, the guide lent me one.  Since I didn't have my hiking boots (already sent home with my friend), I wore sneakers.

Similar to hiking Tajumulco, we were racing a moving cloud but unfortunately unlike Tajumulco...the clouds beat us to the top. It was windy and dark and scary but we did it!  The other side of the crater wasn't visible and that was a bit of a bummer....

But the view on the way down was worth it.  The clouds sat just on the tip of the volcano, so they only obstructed our view of the inside, thankfully!

Looking down at the island and the lake...I was on top of the world.  It's funny no matter how tired you are or how hard the is always worth it at the top.

There are more volcanoes in the distance...hikeable ones.  I'll have to go back.

Hard to believe a little cloud like this kept us from seeing anything!

It was kinda neat because even though my Spanish isn't that strong, the guide's English was weak enough that he would ask me to translate for the other two felt pretty cool to understand enough to go back and forth between them.

We saw monkeys on the way up and on the way down.  

Later that night three of my friends from NPH arrived on the island and we celebrated our last night together in Central America before I took off again.  I wanted to stick around but I had a deadline to meet.

I boarded the ferry at 5am the next morning in order to make it to the bus on the mainland.

A taxi driver dropped me off on the side of the road under a bus stop sign where I waited for my ride to Costa Rica.  There are so many other places I'd love to explore on Ometepe!  I definitely plan to revisit Nicaragua!

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