Saturday, February 4, 2017

Blog #275

So I was prepared for a lot of things coming home...I read the emails and booklets NPH sent me, I followed their advice with keeping in contact with friends back in Guatemala while slowly reacquainting myself with friends and family here...I even listened and put off making any major plans for the next several weeks...all in an effort to ease myself back into american life.

What I was totally unprepared for and what NO ONE warned me about was: the climate change!  I left what was essentially sunny and high 50's to mid-60's every day to travel through humid temperatures in the nineties before hopping on a plane and flying to what amounts to the tundra!  Not only am I COLD but it is also crazily DRY here!  My skin is flaking off and I soak myself in lotion twice a day with barely any improvement.  I also developed a rash after my flu shot which I at first thought was a reaction but many days later...I'm beginning to think it looks like eczema and being a person who has never had eczema in her life...this is very strange.  Could it be my skin adjusted so well to central america that it is giving me an every skin-cell revolt?

Otherwise things are peaceful.  My first day back to work yesterday was surprisingly just like every other day of work I had for the six years I held this job before I left for Guatemala...except that now I appreciate things that I never did before and I am not bothered by things that used to drive me crazy.  My boss assures me this will change.  Shucks!

So blessed to be surrounded by such amazing family and friends.  God holds me each step of the way.  Sometimes I forget to be grateful but He is so very good.

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