Thursday, February 9, 2017

Leon Nicaragua: Volcano boarding and walking on churches

After losing one friend at the border of El Salvador (due to visa problems and yes she was fine...went to Mexico instead) and visiting another friend in Honduras, I embarked on my first solo, unplanned journey.  Since we were feeling pretty laid back, we had originally decided to just go and play it by ear as we worked our way south.  I decided to stay with this plan, knowing I needed to get to Costa Rica in order to meet some other friends.  This left me with six days to do whatever I wanted...

First stop.  Leon was spectacular...I only wish I had more than one and a half days to visit!  I crammed as much in as possible and managed to hike a volcano, go down it on a board, take a quick tour around town, walk on the roof of the cathedral, eat out with a new friend at a Cubano restaurant and make it to Mass.

Boarding Cerro Negro

I definitely recommend Trailwinds Hostel and El Bodegon Cuban Restaurant if you're looking for a place to stay or eat!  

Cathedral of Leon 
(you buy the tickets to go on the roof at the back of the church next to the outdoor market in a little tunnel underground that brings you to a wine cellar-like area with bars covering the doors where you hand a little nun-like lady your money through the grate...experience in itself)

Hostels are great because they usually set up transport for their guests.  Whenever I arrived at a new one I just booked my shuttle to the next town.  After not enough time in Leon, I headed for Granada: next blog!

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