Sunday, February 19, 2017

Savannah, Paula Deane and Flannery O'Conner

I'm so glad I took baby steps returning home.  After Costa Rica I stopped in Florida to visit one of my dearest friends.  She took me up to Georgia for the day and we took in the most haunted city in North America: Savannah.

Savannah definitely has it's own charm.

The streets are lined with cute stores and coffee shops while connecting little parks together.  The parks are built at the site of former militia gathering squares.  Savannah never actually participated in a war...but they were always ready.

tea and spice store

collins quarter

the book lady

We found some amazing places to eat.  Since it's winter and cold, even down south, we used pretty much every excuse we could find to stop and eat or drink something.

zunzi's (free lunch to first customer of the day: us!!)

paris market: my favorite store

one of the small parks

paula dean's store

forsythe park, biggest one in the city

lavender mocha: collins quarter signature drink

one of the graveyards...need lots if you are going to be Savannah is

the cathedral!!

and can't forget the spanish moss!

Old-world charm yet with a spirit of youth and energy, I loved our day in Savannah.  Definitely will visit again!

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