Friday, March 31, 2017

Funny things kids say

I love living with kids in the house.  They are so cute and say the funniest things.  Right now they are using giant's body parts for measurement comparisons.  For instance, one kid blew up a balloon and announced to the world, "Wow this is as big as a giant's toe!"  Then one of the girls called out, "Hey, how do you spell atizar?"  "That's not a word," I said.  "Yes it is!  You know, like hand san atizer?"  Oh right, of course.  :o)

Dental health wise I found out that the Guatemalan diet is perfect for your teeth.  Almost 18 months after my last cleaning, they told me I was cavity free and had less plaque than most of the people who were just cleaned 6 months ago.  Highly encouraging to only eat m&ms for sugary treats since that was pretty much my main sweet staple last year.  And shocking how much sugar wears on your teeth!

My travel addiction is rearing its beautiful head.  I'll be in Spain and Portugal next month and then Denmark and Sweden the month afterwards.  And like any true addict, I'm trying to convince myself that my addiction only hurts myself...not sure how but it must hurt, right?  :oD

I'm feeling a lot more adjusted to the american way of life.  I've started making plans for my future which is always a sign that I'm normalizing.  My friends are moving in June so I have basically until the end of May to find a place to live.  I decided to rent my house out for another year so I'll be houseless until September 2018.  That seems so far away and yet so soon.  So much could happen by then or nothing at all!

I'm grateful for today.  So blessed.  Spent yesterday with friends and family.  I love all the amazing and wonderful people who surround me.  God is so good!

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