Sunday, April 30, 2017

Places I would live: Spain

top of church in Tibidaba

 I really, really love going to Spain...and after learning Spanish this past year...I love it even more!  The coffee, the people, the coffee, the history, the coffee, the culture, the coffee, the churches...sigh...I just really love it!

overlooking Barcelona

Roman Aqueducts of Segovia

that church we went to that I can't remember the name in the mountains

church in Tibidaba

inside Montserrat

This time I met up with a group of friends in Barcelona.  The five of us spent two days sightseeing before heading to Zaragoza for a quick visit and then off to Madrid to meet up with the 25 other pilgrims we were traveling with.  After a beautiful Easter in Avila with St. Teresa, we started our Camino: five days hiking over hills, dales, and dusty trails.  We arrived in Santiago, a little worse for wear, on the fifth day and then promptly took off for Fatima to celebrate the 100 years.

the way of St. James

rooftops of Barcelona

We also managed to squeeze in side trips to Segovia, Toledo and Coimbra.  I spent the day everyone was in Toledo hugging a toilet so that's one city I'll have to come back for.  Sorry St. John!  I still can't believe how sick I got in Spain when I never once had that problem living in Central America...I'm sure this will stay a mystery forever.

that same place I can't remember the name


Our Lady of the Pilar, Zaragoza


Sagrada Familia

Our Lady of the Pilar, Zaragoza

Wall surrounding Avila

along the way


company while hiking

I'm heading to Denmark and Sweden tonight.  I'll be back next weekend.  Yes, I know.  Don't say it.  As said before (by someone else!), I don't travel to escape life, I travel for life not to escape me...each opportunity is a gift! So grateful to see more!

beautiful tradition in Santiago de Compostela!

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!  I'll write about Fatima in my next blog!

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