Sunday, May 14, 2017

Copenhagen and Stockholm: Land of fairytales and Vikings

Kings and queens and fairytales...Copenhagen was beautiful!  



Gardens with spring blooms


Tovoli, second oldest amusement park in the world 

and Walt Disney's inspiration for Disneyworld

Home of Hans Christian Andersen

The Little Mermaid

Palace of the Rosenborgs

Coffee and Michelin Stars and Royalty...Stockholm was Beautiful!

Sunset in Stockholm

Gamla Stan (Old City)

Docked Ship Bars

Sunset over Stockholm

Famous Vasa ship: sailed for one day and then spent the next 330 years underwater

Fika time: Taking a coffee with a friend!

Potato and Anchovy Pie

Along the way: biking

Stockholm Palace Guard

From the top

Danishes in Denmark!

Royal ship of the King and Queen

Climbing towers

Pretty little church

On every corner

Our gastropub experience: 2-star Michelin chef...can't imagine what more stars is like!

LOVED DENMARK AND SWEDEN!  Beautiful and friendly.  Scandinavia is such a unique, small pocket of the world.  Six days was not enough time.  And now Norway and Finland call me!

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