Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This time tomorrow...

It's weird to think that this time tomorrow night I'll be alone in my new apartment with my dog...probably sipping chamomile tea and working on my laptop.  I can't really keep up with my life. Seriously, how is it possible that four months have already passed since I came home from Guatemala?!  

Baby moon is definitely over.  My Guatemalan mojo is a faint spark that I think is still there...but only by grace.  

The hardest part isn't moving on to my own space (I haven't lived alone in almost two years!).  No, it's the sadness I feel at losing my friends!  Not only am I on my way to another home...but so are they...and it is in Texas!  I will miss them!!

But...change is inevitable.  And after being told not once but four times today, "I can't believe you're that old," I am officially, "I can't believe you're that old" old...another unavoidable change!  

Because today is my (what the is it possible???) 37th birthday!!!  

I thought it would feel....I don't know...different?  And I would have more done by now.  Well, I mean in the way of having a husband and kids...I've done more in my life than I thought I would!!  Traveling to almost 40 countries, hiking tall mountains, running marathons, learning new languages, publishing a book, and making beautiful friendships...  It's not the things that I thought I would do...but actually it's a lot cooler.  :o)

God has a way better plan than I ever did!  

Here's to the next 37 years!  Or days, months, weeks...whatever He wants... :o)

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