Sunday, June 25, 2017

Learning to be author savvy

I'm taking this slow as I: 

1) Have other commitments 

2)  Don't want to screw it up from the beginning


3) Don't want to be a crazy spam author trying to push my book down people's throats yelling, "READ IT!"

I started an author website at the recommendation of everyone on the internet...I know, great place to get advice!  You can see it if you'd like by clicking here.  It's not very exciting.  Basically, a link to my book and exclamation points because I'm not very involved with the site just yet.  I'm keeping this blog (Adventures First) my personal one (so personal, huh...when it's public...but yah).  The author site is more an investment in the future should I somehow end up with 30 published books (cause, yah...that's gonna happen) and need a place to put them all.  :o)

I joined goodreads as an author.  That site, I am told, is a goldmine for finding readers as long as I avoid number 3 (listed above).  It's cool because it brings people interested in a specific genre all to the same place so they are easier to to figure how to reach them without being pushy.  Baby steps.

My Amazon author page is up.  It's funny because there is another author with the exact same name who published some financial management thing and at first they tried to put that under my name too...all fixed (I think).

As great as it is to have a publisher to edit, design and put out the book...most of the advertising falls on my shoulders.  Which is fine.  It's all a new challenge and I like those.  No pressure either, I have an income and there is only a dog to feed so no worries that my kids or someone else's will be homeless if I don't sell this book.

I wrote a short-story (mystery) for an anthology that comes out at Christmas by Cozy Cat (my publishing company).  Then in the Spring I hope to have the second Aimee Talcos Mystery ready to go.  The best of all of this is how much I am enjoying putting the story down on paper.  If I lose that, I imagine I will lose any motivation to glad to live in the moment and go where God is taking me!

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