Saturday, June 10, 2017

So about the book I wrote...

I rather feel like a horse in a race that has just been let go from the box...all the other horses have taken off, I'm left in a cloud of dust, and I can't even think how to run, let alone catch up.  This is because today my book was (officially) released on Amazon and who knows where else.  It will be on Kindle sometime this week.  

What book, you ask?  Well, as alluded to in my last blog (and the one before that!): I wrote a mystery.

I wrote it while I was in Guatemala, one week when the doctor (head of the clinic) was on vacation and after literally 45 minutes, I had nothing to really do with my time (amazing how no one ever really needed anything when she was gone...hmmm...back to my book).  SO I sat at my desk, next to the clinic coordinator and started writing...and writing...and writing until by the end of the week I was leaving the clinic, tucking my kids in and then writing some more until it was dark and I had to go to sleep.  

The end product was a painful to read and rather pathetic attempt at a murder-mystery-who-done-it-type book.  My housemate, my mom, and my dear friend (who happens to have her degree in editing just not currently working in the field) all graciously read the vomit copy, gave me great feedback, and so, rather foolishly, I sent out a query letter thinking I had a book to publish.

My query was great!  I got all kinds of interest.  I seriously think if this author thing doesn't work out I should just write query letters.  I found a bunch of publishers online and went through all kinds of hoops to submit.  Some wanted one chapter, others three, others a synopsis and some just the word count and title.  I wanted to have my book published but with one caveat: I didn't want to pay anyone to do it.

And so it began, the round of refusals..."not what we're looking for; not quite right for our house; you stink."  Okay, I made the last one up.  But you get the picture.

Finally after several months, I got a reply from a publisher of "cozy mysteries."  (These are clean mysteries, usually with a female sleuth, and no gratuitous violence or sex.)  The publisher wanted to see my book again, but with some changes...  

At this point I had received interest from several other people but nobody that I really liked (when I looked at the other books they publish).  The bigger houses (like anyone you've ever heard of) required an agent to submit and the big christian publishers required you pay to have them look at what you wrote...both kinda went against the grain since I was doing this for fun and to fulfill a childhood dream (thank you Anne of Green Gables and Jo from Little Women).

It was while I was in Honduras at the bus stop waiting for the mechanics to fix our bus (yah, that happened) that I emailed the cozy mystery publisher back, committing to the rewrite but only after I returned from my travels.  I then spent the months of February and March rewriting and reading my book aloud to my poor, very patient housemate: I found that reading it aloud was the best way to edit as it enabled me to hear and see the story simultaneously.

After all this I sent the book in to the publisher and within 24 hours I had an offer with a contract...the one stipulation being I had to create a series out of the book (which means I have at least two more mysteries to write).

And now what you probably want to know is: what's it about?  Below is the blurb from the back of the book, the cover and the link to Amazon.  The kindle version will be out shortly...I'll put the link in when I have it!

Acquainted two short weeks, married less than three days and widowed little more than one hour…

    Aimee Talcos isn’t sure what to do or where to turn when she finds her husband, Declan, murdered on the floor of her grandfather-in-law’s seaside home.  Combine that with the unexpected discovery of her deceased husband’s criminal activity and Aimee finds her life just beginning to unravel.  
     Balancing the suspicious attention of a good-looking detective with mysterious break-ins, roadside attacks and ominous threats, Aimee has to decide if clearing the name of the man she married is worth risking her own life in the process.

This whole process has been kinda crazy in the midst of readjusting to living in the states, restarting my job, moving around, reacquiring my dog, etcetera (oh and all those tomorrow when I leave for Banff).

Clearly God has a hand in all of this.  I like to think He's keeping me busy so I wouldn't come home and wonder "Now what?  Life is futile!" after Guatemala.  

One day at a time...His grace is sufficient for me!


  1. Looks good! let me know when it's out on kindle. Deb

  2. You never cease to amaze, Elizabeth! Can't wait to get the book, will keep checking on Amazon. Have fun in Banff...we were there in '89, it's so beautiful.