Saturday, August 12, 2017

I feel like a chameleon

Me with one of the kids from my section

Back from Guatemala (minus my suitcase) and with a whole new level of gratitude for my year down there!!  

Playing at baby house

My visit was phenomenal.  I went as a trip leader for 16 kids and 7 adults and (as leaping before looking seems to be my life plan) I didn't realize I was the leader until the week before when I got an email with my name next to the title: NPH Trip Leader.  Sheesh.  
I thought they just wanted someone to accompany them.  :o)

Picking beans...ironically I never did anything like this the entire year I lived there

I met up with the group in Atlanta and immediately they welcomed me into their Bahstan circle.  Loved these people!  And honestly, by the second day I realized I was having more of a Boston-cultural experience than a Guatemalan one...mostly because I know Guate, but apparently not Boston!

Day trip to first attempt as a tour guide!

Visiting NPH itself was a gift.  I received so many hugs, kisses, well-wishes, "I miss yous" and welcomes from the kids, caregivers and admin that I spent the entire week on a high.  

Central Park

I also appreciated that I was with a group because it led me to spend time with every section of kids and if I had gone on my own for a visit I think I would have spent most of my time with my own special needs kids.  Instead I was able to talk and catch up with ALL the kids...who remembered the nurse who used to give them their shots and pills!

Miss this view!

So the chameleon comment comes from the feeling that I've just been going from group to group and fitting in.  My flight to Atlanta I sat next to a beautiful, devout woman and talked about EWTN, Cardinal Sarah, Rome, vocations and all things Catholic.  On the flight back I sat between two drunk people and talked AA, football, life decisions and bar hopping.  

Visit to outlying pueblo...brought supplies to their school

Comparing my back-to-back high school group experience: at camp we were on our knees every night for an hour and a half for adoration with fully habited friars, however with the youth group in Guatemala we didn't kneel even during Mass as they have their own special youth thing going on...but I loved being with both!  In each instance I felt connected to the group/people I was with...however, since they were all so different and I was following their lead, I'm beginning to wonder if that's normal!  Hence the chameleon comment.  Oh well, God connects to each of us, so I'll trust Him.  Sorry for the bizarre thoughts!  Glad to be home and so happy to know all these amazing people!!

Only in Guatemala

Oh and as goes along with my random life, we found $1500 USD in a couch while down there.  How weird is that?

For real!

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