Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I've been busy.  I went down to South Carolina two weeks ago and attended my godfather's wedding.  I was able to see my 93 year old grandma (mom's side) and that is a blessing because this week she was put on hospice.  :o(

Then I spent last week working at an AMAZING Catholic kids that I've volunteered for before and loved!  This time it was in Maryland (they run four or five including one in Ireland!) and so I was able to spend time with my grandma (dad's mom) and aunt who live down that way.  

What a blessing!  Both the visit and the camp.  I had the pleasure of visiting Hagerstown which is a super-cute little place on the cusp of West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  We saw their museum of fine arts, the $100,000 mural along the cultural trail (pictured above) and the downtown visitor's center.  Super cute!

The camp itself was an amazing and beautiful week of grace.  We had daily Mass, adoration, rosary, talks by religious accompanied by paddle-boating, swimming, soccer, dodgeball, rope courses and all kinds of camp-like things for 250 teenagers.  The campground itself was built in the 1950s and hasn't changed a thing.  I felt like I stepped onto the set of Hailey Mill's movie The Parent Trap.  It was awesome!

I worked in the nurses office where we mostly fielded off bloody noses, bumps and bruises although we did have some broken bones and concussions mixed in.  The entire week was so uplifting.  And exhausting.  Which is why next year, I will not do camp followed by four days of working followed by a trip to Guatemala.

Because tomorrow, I am going back to Guatemala with a church youth group from Boston.  I'm super exhausted but excited.  God is good and I really can't wait to see my kids.  I have been so blessed.  Now to remember that!

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